Heading home after a great adventure together!

Last few days were in Paracas on a small town beach south of Lima. Lovely finale, so blessed by this time together. Currently in Houston waiting for our SF flight!


Deportados en Lima, Peru

Well, we had trouble re-entering Ecuador from Peru after our time there.  We had received mis-information from Quito tourism police that our visa would reset for 90 days when we visited other countries for returning to Ecuador.  This was incorrect it is 90 days maximum in Eucador per year.  So we were at 97 days when we went to re-enter and were deported back to Peru!  We spent a night under security watch in the airport after we tried to enter Ecuador and our passports were confiscated for the evening while they decided what to do with us!  The hardest part of this was that we were to meet up with Tim’s brother and wife for their visit to Ecuador and that we left things in the apartment we rented in Ecuador.  We are recovered now from this shock and actually enjoying some unplanned time in Lima which is an amazing city. We hope to get our stuff from Ecuador via Tim’s brother and we plan to meet up with them in Peru at the end of their trip.  Appreciate your prayers that all works out.  We are now flying back to SF from Lima Peru on May 17! What an adventure!  Here are some photos of the Lima deportees.  Note cats, ruins, and beaches abound in Lima!

A little more from travels in Peru

Peru has been a lovely place to spend a few weeks in.  We have been super busy trying to see the highlights.  We have gone to Machu Pichu, the Amazon jungle, Lake Titcaca, the Sacred Valley of the Cuzco area, and are currently in Peru’s second largest and lovely city of Ariquipa.  Absolutely amazing ruins and archeology, museums, churches, rainforest, volcanos, Andes.

Traveling through Guayaquil and it is much nicer than expected!

We were going to avoid Guayaquil as we had heard it could be dangerous, but after talking to an American who has lived in Ecuador for 8 years we decided we should go.  It is a city of 3 million people near the coast, but somewhat inland with large rivers running through.  We are really enjoying it.  It is clean and has a beautiful Boardwalk (Malecon 2000) right across the street from where we are staying.  There are some lovely parks, few dogs I have seen 5, rare graffiti, and all tourist areas are very clean without trash on the street.  While I like Quito and Cuenca this is very nice and definitely somehow they have solved the dog/graffiti/street litter issues well here in the downtown area.  Very impressed and glad we came.  Museums are free and people warm and friendly.  Flying to Peru from here on Monday.